The Nobis is a Japanese electronic music duo formed in Tokyo in 2006 by Masakazu Miki ( programming, vocals, guitar ) and Emi Fantasia ( lead vocal, synthesizer ).  They first made an appearance in the monthly rave parties held outside of Tokyo area.   They are considered the influential innovators in the field of electronic dance music in the Japanese scene in 2000s, using vocoders, synthesisers, computers, and digital recording technology for the music and live production.  In 2008, the Italian fashion brand Diesel appointed them to tour playing live performances at their anniversary parties.  In 2011, they went on North America tour playing live shows at local parties and international events like Fashion Week Toronto, Vitamin Water Unplugged, Cherry Blast DC, etc.  In 2012, they toured through London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, where they recorded their first album Fool Moon.  In 2013, The Nobis collaborates with the Dutch theater performance group Likeminds directing and performing music at the theatre performances in Netherlands.  In 2015, they establish an independent record label “Unicorn Club Records” in the heart of Amsterdam.